Year 1- Maths


The lesson focused on the children being able to understand and use the following vocabulary: more, less and equal. This was the second lesson in the sequence. This lesson built on the previous objective of counting to and from 20.

The lesson was observed for 20 minutes and focused on cohesion throughout the session.

The children were asked to sort statements and decide if they were true or false. All children worked in pairs, with some children supported by an LSA.


What Went Well

  • All of the children were engaged at the beginning of the session.
  • The children used their prior knowledge when discussing the vocabulary and the statements.
  • The use of key vocabulary was modelled by the teacher e.g. ‘amount’ when referring to quantity but ‘number’ when referring to the numeral.
  • The activities were structured in small steps and modelled beforehand.
  • Misconceptions were discussed and addressed throughout.


Next Steps

  • Demonstrate that there could be more than one answer when trying to find a number between 12 and 16.
  • Some children would benefit from focusing on fewer examples during the first activity.
  • Some children would benefit from further modelling during table tasks.
  • Further use of visuals would make the work in their books clearer (e.g. + for more and – for less).

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