Year 2 – Maths

The focus of this Maths lesson was cohesion. 20 minutes of the lesson was observed by the Year 2 teacher.

Previously, the children had completed two weeks worth of work focusing on measurement. The aim of this lesson was for the children to use what they had learnt in previous lessons, to solve measurement word problems.

The lesson started with some key vocabulary displayed on the board:
metre stick

The children worked collaboratively using a Numbered Heads Together, to discuss each of the key words. This allowed the teacher and LSA to quickly assess the children’s understanding. As the children fed this back to the class, carefully planned questions were asked to deepen their understanding. Following on from this, the children were given a word problem linked to the key features which had been discussed. The children used a Think Pair Share to identify key information from the question. They were then able to use base ten so solve the problem. They could also use a ‘part, part, whole’ to show their working out.

What went well?

The starter activity allowed for prior knowledge to be assessed quickly and misconceptions were picked up on. This activity supported the children when solving the word problems. The use of concrete resources supported the children.

Even better if

The children found it difficult to transfer the question on to a ‘part, part, whole’. They required a template for this, which showed this aspect needs to be developed further. Some language that is used in word problems needs reinforcing further for some children as they were confusing whether they needed to add or subtract.

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